Hardware Heaven

Hardware Heaven

We have one of the largest varieties of hardware in Houston. We carry a range of brands including: Smok, Uwell, Ijoy, Geekvape, Lost Vape, Coil master, Aspire, and Sigelei. From starter kits to mods and everything in between, we've got you covered.

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Flavors For Days

Flavors For Days

At Max & Zach's we offer around 200 different E-liquid flavors. Currently, our in-store sampling has been put on hold, but you can find a list of everything we currently carry here, and place an order for either curbside pickup or for USPS delivery. We carry a huge variety of name brand E-liquids but also support many of the smaller E-liquid companies, so you're sure to find something new and interesting when shopping with us.

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Expert staff

Expert staff

We were all smokers once as well. Our expert staff are trained on how to successfully help you transition from smoking to vaping. We understand that it's an enormous step for you to take, and we want to be there for you every step of the way. Whether you're new to vaping, or a seasoned vaper, Max & Zach's has got you covered.

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MRKT PLCE E-Liquids Have Arrived!

Looking for the newest, most sought after fruit flavors on the market right now? Look no further. MRKT PLCE E-Liquids have taken the country by storm by offering these two amazingly interesting and complex new flavors.

Watermelon, Hula Berry & Lime

An Infusion of Sweet Watermelon, Hula Berry & Fresh Squeezed Lime. A Sweet & Tart Delight!

Fuji Pear, Mango, and Berry

A Blend of Fresh Fuji Apples, Sweet Pears, Ripe Mango's & Succulent Berries. A Tropical Fruit Explosion

MRKT PLCE flavors are available in Salt Nicotine E-liquids. Check out the full line up with the link below.

Buy MRKT PLCE E-Liquids here
SNN_No Back Ground


On a daily basis, we're dedicated to helping people stop smoking and keeping cigarettes away for good. In 2018, we first launched Say No November to bring to light the importance of saying 'no' to minors, saying 'no' to a flavor ban, and saying 'no' to cigarettes.

Every year, we dedicate the whole month of November to meeting smokers, celebrating our community's success in putting cigarettes down, and letting the world know that vaping does save lives and flavored E-Liquid matters.


Read more about Say No November here

Starter Kits and More

We cater to all vaping styles because we believe that a tailored starter kit is important to your success in putting cigarettes down for good.

We carry a huge variety of full kits including internal and external battery devices.

If you're looking to get started or are just looking for an upgrade, take a look at our full product inventory here and find your new vape setup today!

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Since 2014

The Max & Zach's family

At Max & Zach's we take a consultative approach to finding what you need. All of our staff are Ex-smokers, and are trained to find the perfect vape for you. We have a step by step process to guide you through the beginning of your journey.

We have converted thousands of smokers into vapers, and continue to convert new guests every day.

We believe that transitioning from smoking to vaping can take a bit of work, and isn't always easy. If you consider the fact that we are there for you during this time, It's easy to see why our customers leave such positive reviews. What's everyone else saying?

At Max & Zach's, we make vaping easy. If you're just getting started, or you've vaped for 5 years and are just trying to find your new favorite flavor, Max & Zach's is the store for you.

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