Our Approach

Hello! Thanks for reading. Max and I started Max & Zach's in 2014, with the hope to convert as many smokers to vapers as possible. Our dream has come true beyond either of our imaginations.

We both agree there is a science to helping you transition, and train our staff to understand this, and implement our process to walk you through everything.

Our Dad was a 2 pack a day smoker. He passed away in 2006. Smoking cigarettes played a huge part in this. In spite of this event in our lives, we both became smokers. We saw the dangers first hand but still ended up picking up cigarettes.

When vaping started coming into the world, we knew this was what we wanted to do. We both managed to swap from smoking to vaping, and now want a chance to help you do the same.

Meet the Team


Max Jones

Co-founder and Jack of all trades, master of all.

Max used to work as a chemical plant operator. Now, he spends his days trying to convert his old collegues from smoking to vaping.

Fun fact - On his last day at work at the chemical plants, he sent a company wide email offering everyone there a discount to get them started.

Favorite flavor - Wondergrahams by Caterpillar Ejuice


Zach Jones

Co-founder and PVG (Professional Vape Guru) 

Zach moved here from his home in Wales to open Max & Zach's with his brother. He runs most of the daily operations, and is the guy you speak to when you message us on facebook! (Most of the time)

Fun fact - He once got hit by a train in Australia. It's a long story...

Favorite flavor - Darwin by British Vapor Co

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Tiffany Lee

The Vape Queen of the South

Tiffany takes care of most of the day to day needs any retail business has. From organizing what our next monthly raffle prize is, to making sure your favorite Max & Zach's location is staffed for the day.

Favorite flavor - The Milk by Haus Juice

2nd favorite - Ringo by British Vapor Co.

She will vape pretty much anything with Strawberry in it.

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