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What November Is All About - To Help People Stop Smoking

At Max and Zach’s, our number one goal is to help as many smokers transition to vaping as possible. We don’t want to help people start vaping, we want to help people stop smoking through vaping. Our Say No November campaign is about crushing cigarettes and leaving them behind for good. We’ve helped thousands make the switch and this year was no exception. Say No November 2020 was a great success! Check out our "Crush Your Cigarettes" jar below for an idea of how many people made the switch this November.

Crush your cigarettes and stop smoking

Why Switch to Vaping?

By now, we all know the great harm that cigarettes cause. Almost all the harm from cigarettes is from the tar and thousands of other toxins produced from burning tobacco. Vaping products simply heat a nicotine liquid without combustion, and you can find the ingredients in E-Liquid in products such as soft drinks, cake mix, and toothpaste.

what is in ciggies
what is in eliquid

Although nicotine is the addictive part of a cigarette, it is not the most harmful part. One of the best things about vaping is that you can get your nicotine without the additional tar and carcinogens that are found in cigarettes. Whether you are looking to switch to a 95% safer alternative to cigarettes or looking to completely overcome your nicotine dependence, vaping might be for you. We have over 7 years of experience in helping people make the transition from ashes to vapor and our staff are trained, ready and waiting to help you.

Is Vaping a Safe Method to Help Stop Smoking?

Vaping isn’t necessarily healthy, but it’s at least 95% safer than smoking cigarettes because there is no combustion, tar, or any of the number of toxins found in cigarettes.

Vaping not only eliminates the need for combustion, it also allows you to cut down your nicotine strength so that you can eventually overcome a nicotine dependence altogether. E-Liquid is available in different strengths all the way down to “nicotine free” as well as a variety of flavors.

flavors and strengths

Why Are Flavors Important?

Flavored E-Liquid plays a crucial role in helping adult smokers make the switch. For most people, vaping a flavor as far from the taste of a cigarette as possible helps them cut off the cigarette cravings. Some people prefer to start with a tobacco flavor to mimic the taste of a cigarette until they move on to a different flavor. We offer flavor sampling in store so you can try before you buy.


Whether we helped them or they made the switch elsewhere, here are just a few people from our community who stopped smoking through vaping.

Are You Thinking About Making The Switch?

If you’re smoking cigarettes and would like to switch to vaping, stop by any of our 5 locations to speak to our Vape Experts. We take a consultative approach to helping you find the perfect setup and flavor to help you cut cigarette cravings and, eventually, nicotine cravings altogether.

We're your local support center and we'll be here every step of the way.

From The Outside Looking In

We understand:

- You hate to love cigarettes

- You’ve probably seen something negative about vaping

- You’ve probably tried to quit smoking before and failed

- You’ve tried FDA approved smoking cessation products, but had nasty side effects

- You may think vaping looks stupid

- You may not want big clouds

- You hate the smell of cigarettes

- You want to quit the product, but may want to keep the habit

- You enjoy the relief of smoking a cigarette, but don’t want the negative effects

- You just want to stop smoking cigarettes

We are trained, willing, and able to help you get off cigarettes. Don’t wait another year. You can do this and we’ve got your back.

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